A horrible hack

Bossy - Dirty Looks


Year Released: 2008
Format: 7"
Label: salinas
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Oct 3, 2008
Man, you would not buy this record based on the cover. A sloppy drawing of a skinhead in braces pouring a teddy bear a cup of tea. WTF? I mentioned the drawing was sloppy, because this 7" is too. Dirty Looks is hap-hazard, female fronted melodic punk that's kind of not bad but not as good as Lefty Loosie. Definitely in the same ball park at least. On the flip is Bossy. Who are Sloppy. Sloppy Bossy. They seem to be inspired by the 50s, and indie punk. Great vocals which are totally out of tune, it's all a bit ramshackle with judicious use of repetition, and that all adds up to very enjoyable. I like this a lot! But that's all I am writing.

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