A horrible hack

Eddy Current Suppression Ring

Primary Colours

Year Released: 2008
Format: LP
Label: Goner
Reviewed by Tim B on Oct 30, 2008
I am a little late in the game to these Aussie ne’re-do-wells as this is their second LP, but my first exposure. In fairness to me the other was Aussie only…but still, my loss. Coming in late in the second half this easily pips the rest to the post for the ‘best-LP-of-the-year-by-miles” award. I would definitely class myself as a fan of Goner records, but I don’t think they have broken a ton of new ground with their releases, relying mostly on lo-fi garage schlock which works just fine for me, but wouldn’t win awards for originality. EDDIE CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING is a whole different beast. Sure, the guitars are distorted and the vocalist has a punk rock sneer… but it goes waaay deeper than that. The blueprint of the band is what makes Australian bands so great from the punk swagger of the SAINTS to the cheeky rock of ACDC and ROSE TATTOO, or even some of the classic Murder Punk bands like NEWS or RAZAR. But layered on top is everything from the hypnosis of VELVET UNDERGROUND, to the bleakness of Mark E smith and the FALL. On each listen this LP unravels more and more and every time I try and throw on another disc I keep hitting repeat. It’s so refreshing to see stuff coming out in ’08 that equally matches any record from the past 30 years.
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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