A horrible hack

Mr. Willis of Ohio

Eure Welt

Year Released: 2008
Format: 7"
Label: ape must not kill ape - Broken Glasses - Impure Muzik - Moment of Collapse
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Nov 2, 2008
The band name is lost on me, but they make some certainly decent European emo. It's very much by the book, regimentally flitting between frantic screaming, and the slow moody bit with downbeat, pretty guitars and talking. One then the other. If you're familiar with previous exponents such as Belle Epoque and Raein, you will be more than comfortable with this band. That's not to say I have no time for MWoO, far from it. I am particularly taken with the softer parts on "Ein Leben Lang", where the bass sound is very similar to September's, and the feel is of the Van Pelt. Bit surprised by the electronic effects on Glaserner Mensch, then again post rock rarely sits well with me. The explosive screamo parts on the 7" are well played, I would be well into this live, and I bet they grab their hair and shirts a lot, or at least I hope they do. The packaging is super, making use of lovely, colourful envelopes (well, except that some come in brown). I don't think there are that many bands at the moment doing this kind of thing, so MWoO also have that going for them. I probably sound like am being a bit harsh I guess, I don't want that to be the case, this is a good example of screamy emo, just not really the sort of thing I reach for of late.

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