A horrible hack

Pig Heart Transplant

Hope You Enjoy Heaven

Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: Sweatlung
Reviewed by Kunal Nandi on Nov 3, 2008
With Pig Heart Transplant, Jon Kortland (the already pretty fucking pissed-off guitarist from Iron Lung) flexes some slower, noisier muscles. Songs swerve between primal bass-and-drum doom dirges through to Bastard Noise-esque thumping, blasting bouts of organic electronic negativity, all of which is overlaid with yelled vocals from an array of chums from the Seattle rock fraternity. The noise stuff gets me the most, creating an atmosphere of a (West)world where the machines have taken over and people are getting ground up in the gears. The track "Crawling Through Hell" from the split with Blue Sabbath Black Cheer makes another welcome appearance. The minimalist packaging design is cool too, with silver ink on black card. Upsetting nihilism at its best/worst.
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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