A horrible hack

Target Nine

Say What You Want

Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: Stas Werno
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Nov 22, 2008
This is no scientific study, but it seems like approximately half of the things we get sent for review these days are by bands from Oxford. I wouldn't mention that if Target Nine were not from Oxford, so clearly they are from there as well. Target Nine play some reasonable, poppy indie rock which is probably just about influenced by something decent. It's got a bit of that chunky MTVmo sound, and is over-polished for my tastes, but there are hints in there that they may well enjoy some Texas is the Reason or earlier Jimmy Eat World, or at least bands that were influenced by them. Personally I would have ditched the overblown piano and the cheeseball keyboard, but this is not too bad for the most part, although the weird backing vocals on the second song are risible, and I am not sure what is up with the daft prog-metal guitar sound they suddenly switch too. This single actually kind of reminds me of Joshua.

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