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Unwelcome Guests - Orphan Choir


Year Released: 2008
Format: 7"
Label: salinas
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Dec 2, 2008
Lets start with Unwelcome Guests. I like that their first song is called "I Wanna Be Inspired", and that their second song is called "I Wanna Get Drunk Tonight". I think that is pretty much how things are. The first song is a miserable, meandering effort, that suddenly picks up towards the end, getting a bit more desperate, or perhaps realising that there is not a lot to be inspired by. It is kind of like if you made the Smiths listen to Archers of Loaf and then they decided that they really liked them. The second song is a lot more aggressive. It's raw and quite distorted, probably as they had no money to make it sound cleaner, no harm there though. I am pleased to hear Unwelcome Guests, because they don't sound like every fucking other melodic punk band that has a seven inch single out.

Hmm, I just turned this seven over twice and put Unwelcome Guests back on before listening to Orphan Choir. Orphan Choir are decidedly more generic than their bros on this split. They are all gruff buggers and Small Brown Bike kinda jawns. They have a harmonica at the start, but they quickly get into being all moody and gruff. This stuff is OK, but I think I preferred the song on the split with the Amistad, but this is a solid effort. I would rather stick on "Our Own Wars" though.

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