A horrible hack

Married in Berdichev


Year Released: 2008
Format: 7"
Label: Gilgongo
Reviewed by I.P. on Mar 6, 2009
Solo artist Brittany Gould is going to find it difficult to escape comparisons to Grouper. The latter is widely recognised for her astonishing ability to churn out moments of dreamy drone, utilising the innocence of her voice to resonate through the haze. Brittany ultimately fails at exceeding this high bar, but this record does certainly boast a great deal of promise. The opening track is as ominous as it is eerie, making effective use of vocal loops, cacophonic wails and indecipherable layers of sound to disorient the listener. Contrastingly, the second track begins with Brittany crooning over a prolonged Phill Niblock-esque drone before descending into a chasm of uncompromising noise, albeit briefly. These two tracks benefit from their ability to lull the listener, before unexpectedly hurtling you through a nightmare-ish world that even Grouper dares not enter. A solid effort.

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