A horrible hack

the Fullertons


Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: Misdated Productions
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Mar 9, 2009
We rarely get sent pop punk for review, so I was quite pleased to have a pop (HAHA) at this one. The Fullertons are totally in love with the Ramones. This is amusingly nasal stuff, deadly catchy with "Woah Oh" backups and fiendishly fun, power poppy tunes. The Fullertons know exactly what they are doing and should appeal to you if you are happy with your mid 90s Lookout Records catalogue and jawns of that regard. Everything is tight as my wallet, songs are in and out quicker than me in the chippy, and I can't think of any other self deprecating analogies. There are 5 songs on here all told and it will not outstay it's 13 or so minute welcome. If you're still able to listen to this kind of music, then you will probably really appreciate the Fullertons as they do a bloody good job with a sound that has been comprehensively pummelled into the ground over the decades. Fine effort lads! Plus their label seems to make skateboards too. Old skool as fuck!

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