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Rosalina Mar - Trumans Water


Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: RobotRadio Records
Reviewed by Gareth L on Mar 19, 2009
I'm never really sure about split records where bands have alternate songs. Basically, the ideal format for a split is a vinyl record, where you can listen to one band, flip the record and listen to the other. Or, as is the case with some of these records, play the heck out of one side and not see much of the other one as it's always face down. So a split CD with alternate songs from 2 bands is a weird one to approach.

Truman's Water start off kind of Shellac-ian I guess, that kind of herky jerky post-hardcore although the vocals are more half-assed than Mr. Albini's which actually works fairly well. Their second and third songs sound like a different band though, all scratchy and disorganised a bit like the Black Lips or something! Interesting sound for sure.

Rosalina Mar are a little more difficult to get into and are totally instrumental and more intricate and my favourite of the two groups here. I see them as the older brother of the two bands, their songs are a bit more mature, unpredictable and never boring,'The Death Of U' being a highlight, the 6 minutes just flew by. In a good way.

So to be honest, despite that opening comment about split records the organisation of this CD actually feels quite good, the thoughtful mathstrumental tracks intertwined with the scruffy rock is a neat way to do things and I'll look out for future releases from both these dudes.

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