A horrible hack

the Big Pink

Stop the World

Year Released: 2009
Format: 7"
Label: 4AD
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on May 18, 2009
Bit of a shame when you get sent a cd for review when it's coming out on 7" but I guess I understand why. Anyway, the Big Pink are playing some music that befits their status of being on the 4AD label. I can't profess to be an expert on 4AD in any shape or form, but I have this weird idea that pretty much anything on that label sounds somewhat like the Big Pink. The opening track "Stop the World" is a moody, rather gothy indie affair, mixed in with some early 90s shoegaze aspects. It's all very serious and dressed in black, with atmospheric electronic noises oozing their way out of the speakers behind the almost noisy guitars and disinterested vocals. The second track is much spacier, going for the ethereal angle, electronic droning a la Flying Saucer Attack and occasional vocals and much more drug taking. Here's a bit with breathy female vocals in French. It's starting to feel a bit of a parody. Especially when I went on their myspace and it looks exactly how you'd imagine. It is black, there are apparently no pictures of the band but plenty of arty gothic indie imagery. Androgynous people kissing, bare trees in the mist, UFOs, a wasted looking guy wearing a military hat at a jaunty angle whilst smoking a fag that has the word "youth" written on it...

This isn't exactly the kind of music I spend my days listening to, but I did like it and if you go on their myspace and enjoy the way it looks you will probably be into the band.

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