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The Third Memory


Year Released: 2009
Format: CD
Label: Desertion - Hidden Rainbows - rok lok - Desormais - Petit Chantier - Sadness of Noise - Itai Itai
Reviewed by Gareth L on Aug 29, 2009
Man I am behind on reviews. But without further ado here is a review of a CD released by three hundred record labels by a band called The Third Memory, who play euro-style screamo similar to Raein and things like that. This is their second record and I liked the first one, if you like the euro sound you probably did too. They haven't moved on that much since then, however oddly-titled opener 'people of the hook and some things off the place' is a fantastically good track one, starting off a bit hesitantly but then having this awesome riff that comes out of nowhere and carries the song to the bitter end, or rather bitter middle, and then another fast octave woosh finishes off the bastard.

The other tracks have everything in the right place including the heart, some parts of some songs made me stop what I was doing and skip back to hear it again, especially 'ce qu'il y a c'est que le regard vient tout a la fin'. A tiny bit patchy in places, but so worth it for those wow moments. This french bunch change the direction of their songs very regularly, shifting from one sound, one riff, one drum pattern to the next, so this is no means by the numbers 'skram'. Minus points for the lack of real artwork (unless they are planning to release it on CD-R) and pointless hidden last goofball track but I'll let that pass. Pretty good. Pretty pretty pretty pretty good.

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