A horrible hack

Wishes on a Plane

The Faint Line

Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: sncl - time as a color
Reviewed by Joe Callaghan on Sep 1, 2009
Dreary, sparse indie rock which verges on post rock doesnít tend to be my tipple, as I am far too impatient when it comes to music. A part of my ďif itís not punk then itís shitĒ youth which is still trapped inside me still likes to believe that anything over 2 minutes long is wank prog guff, but heís adapted to more and more exceptions as Iíve gotten older. What a wimp. However, this record turned my head slightly, especially as it is nicely packaged in stamped, heavy weight construction paper and a couple of delicate inserts.. The progressive build ups didnít get the better of my patience, or lack of. The whole article portrays itself as a constant crescendo; a pleasant build up which then leaves you on the edge of a cliff, feeling as despaired as what youíve just heard. It has that kind of holding power that requires your full attention. Itís not the sort of record you can just stick on and do your housework to, or blast on your ipod whilst youíre down at the gym. Sitting down, with this record engorging through your headphones is what this record really necessitates, hearing each word build up, swell and collapse. Itís sparse, delicate and moody, which opts for loose repetitious tones over structure and direction. It plods along miserably, leaving a similar lasting impression. You could insist that this is the exact polar opposite of bands like What Price Wonderland, who tend to cram structures into short blasts. Wishes On A Plane spread everything thinly, one cut spanning the entire side of a the record. Itís brittle and fragile, reminiscent of The Sing/Cancel single by Karate, but less Carlos Santana, and more morose, sulky emo. So, switch the lights off, curl up on the floor and listen to the winter rain bash down on your windows along to this record and the thoughts in your head of that girl you like, or whatever your tedious problems are. Youíll feel better. Honest.

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