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Eddy Current Suppression Ring


Year Released: 2009
Format: LP
Label: Goner
Reviewed by Dan Bennett on Sep 22, 2009
Eddy Current Suppression Ring are not something I would normally listen to given a choice, not due to that fact that I dislike them, more that I'd never really heard much stuff similar to them. After a little background reading it would seem that most people seem to think that they would fall into the genre of "Garage Rock", but to be honest most music I've heard that gets thrown under that label doesn't seem to sound like this.

Lo-fi seems to definitely be on the agenda here which is always a plus. Most songs are very bare bones often not deviating from a usual verse chorus verse structure, but that's not to say that the songs aren't creative and different in their own way, in particular the use of keyboards on "Insufficient Funds" really adds an extra something to the song.

Standouts include "Having a Hard Time", offering a quite post punk guitar line with a section that could easily have been written in the 60's with it's jangly tambourines and pop sensibilities, and "Precious Rose" where the band's nationality particularly shines through with Brendan's vocals often flitting between spoken word and song.

This self titled release is actually the bands first album, only finding shores other than that of Australia earlier this month when Goner Records reissued the album overseas. Goner Records also released the bands second album "Primary Colors", both albums can be purchased direct from the label here or if you happen to live in the UK both albums have been released together by Melodic Records.

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