A horrible hack


Of Concrete Canyons and Inner Wastelands

Year Released: 2009
Format: LP
Label: Adagio830
Reviewed by Danny Parsons on Sep 23, 2009
This LP features 8 new songs and they are surprisingly more melodic than I was expecting. The gutteral roars and screams and chuggy yet intricate guitarwork is still there of course but there's some really nice melodic breaks too. Due to this, I might be inclined to say that parts of this release are verging on screamo rather than hardcore. Fear not, their musical style hasn't changed really - it's just those melodic breaks! I think there's enough variation on this LP to sustain people's interest in the band. The songs vary in length from five or so minutes to 39 seconds which is nice to see. I'm really quite a big fan of the vocals in this band; in fact I'd probably go as far as saying that I can't think of any other band in which the vocals sound the same. I realise that's probably quite a grand statement for this sort of music but it's my opinion nevertheless. Stand-out's for me are probably 'We Must Run, We Must Run, We Must Run' and 'Dem Staub Kiene Traene' but you can't go far wrong with any song on this LP. Even the instrumental interlude is pretty decent. If you've ever enjoyed anything by this band or are indeed interested in European hardcore or screamo then this LP is worth checking out.

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