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Comadre - Trainwreck


Year Released: 2008
Format: LP
Label: React With Protest - Heart On Fire
Reviewed by Danny Parsons on Sep 28, 2009
I guess I probably should have reviewed this release before Comadre's 'A Wolf Ticket' but I didn't actually have a physical copy then. I do now however! I think the only song that I enjoyed on this side of the split was 'The Best Snakes Bite Back'; the others just seem a bit throw-away if I'm honest. They're okay - just nothing particularly special. There's an utterly disgusting acousticy sort of track on there as well. Yucky. Shame really. The Trainwreck side however, is lovely. Absolutely lovely. Four tracks of blistering, layered, sludgy hardcore/screamo - my favorite track being 'Bared Teeth'. There's not a happy moment on the whole side; it's quite 'dark' sounding. Is that the correct term? I dunno. I like it a lot though. The vocals are real nice too; I love slightly broken english in this sort of thing.

I think Comadre really let this split down which is a shame. In a perfect world it would be a Trainwreck 10" with exactly the same packaging (it's damn nifty!). What I'm trying to say is, it's probably worth your dollar just for the Trainwreck side.

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