A horrible hack

the Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Higher than the Stars

Year Released: 2009
Format: 7"
Label: Slumberland
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Oct 19, 2009
I think we are about to see a big "push" for this band. I heard one of their songs as a backing track to something on TV just recently, and the next batch of single releases all seem to have remixes on the b-side, which is often the sign of a band on the "move". Anyway, "Higher Than the Stars" shows the band hasn't changed direction at all, being as it is a lovely slice of huggable indie pop, layered with twinkling keyboard and a sound that is like waking up wrapped up in a big winter duvet and realising it's Saturday morning. And you can see through the gap in the curtains that it's snowed. And the heating has just come on. A very pleasant song indeed.

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