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Belle Epoque

Belle Epoque

Year Released: 2009
Format: 7"
Label: ape must not kill ape - Escucha
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Jan 21, 2010
This record has been on the cards for a long while now so it was fantastic to recently see it has now been released. It's been three years since the band called it a day but I still find these kind of posthumous records great - particularly if the songs are up to scratch. Solid modern screamy emo on their demos and LP, this was hardly likely to dissapoint any fans was it?

Both sides play on 45 rpm which I didn't realise to start with. The first track 'Le Chant Des Muets' begins with a long instrumental part which I wasn't expecting. It's spot on though, really great riffs, melody and intensity. It builds up, builds back down but stays interesting and even mesmerising at times. Then after three minutes the vocals finally kick in and we have Belle Epoque's trademark sound, only better than ever - people had said that the band's last songs were their best stuff and I would now have to agree. It's stunning French emo; the jangly guitars, the driving bass and drums, the shouted vocals of desperation over the top. It's all there and performed pretty much perfectly.

'Le Souvenir Des Vivants' is the track on the second side and we have a similar sound here, just less drawn out parts. The start actually continues from the end of track one. I do recall Belle Epoque having frequent passages of melody on their 12'' and demo but never as good as this. In summary, if you like anything this band put out then you need to get this. A great end to a great band.

21st January 2010
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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