A horrible hack

Cash for Your Stories


Year Released: 2009
Format: 7"
Label: Andi's Friends Records
Reviewed by Chaz Hewitt on Jan 25, 2010
The 7” in front of me has some gnarly lizard scaling some building on the front, so there is already a lot to live up to. Also there’s a tune called ‘Sobotka’, which I’m hoping is an ode to the Wire character.

These guys are from Manchester, and play angry post-punk-esque stuff influenced by what sounds like a whole bunch of bands (Nomeansno, Dead Kennedys, Leatherface to my ears), which is always a good thing.

The songs are filled with driving basslines, coated in noisy guitar chords, with some angry guy with a northern accent getting angry. The vocals are pretty cool actually, and set this 7” apart from your standard noisy post-punk stuff.

Looking at the sleeve the songs all have some sort of political or social idea behind them, concerning alienation/boredom/dissatisfaction with modern life, which comes through well in the sound I think.

All in all a pretty decent first 7” from these guys, the ideas don’t always come together all that well, but when they do the songs are strong and I’ll be sure to check out any stuff they do in the future.

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