A horrible hack

the 255's


Year Released: 2009
Format: CD
Label: Records Or It Didn't Happen
Reviewed by Joe Callaghan on Feb 10, 2010
Ok, this hasn�t officially been released. It was recorded, but then there was something about a 4th member, and a new set being written, I dunno. Some pretentious waffling, anyway. So, it was just put up online for all to enjoy at their leisure, and whaddaya know? Some recognisable faces too. It�s Mattis, from The Machines Will Take Over, and Andy GI, from the Internet, hammering out toe-tapping radio-rock that even your parents would like, and you might even like it too.

This record combines the first demo and a hatful of new songs, and it�s the new songs that really excel. There�s just something different about them. The guitar parts have a twang and a chime to them, compared to the warm, low drive of the demo tracks. Every plucked note really sings, with no overload of effect or manipulation. The vocal melodies are much more ambitious, and as a result, there are hooks and stomping-choruses and everything! The vocals are what sets this aside from its peers. Andy�s voice is quite something in a nasal sort of way, sounding a little similar to Matt Sweeting from Tubers and all your other favourite bands from Florida, which is a welcome break from faux, forced gruff and pop-punk copyists.

The ruthless new songs and the simpler, driving demo tracks work well as a unit, and keeps the whole ordeal varied and engaging. �Good Luck� is certainly the high point of the record with its uplifting groove and implausible melodies which will get stuck inside your thoughts for days on end. I�ve been humming the bastard thing all morning� The only time the record dips is during �A Smile and a Credit Card� which has a few off-key melodies and doesn�t carry the same charm as the tracks surrounding it. I felt the same when I heard the demo, but other than the aforementioned track, I indisputably can�t pick fault with this. Broadcasting is a very honest and genuine collection of songs, played with vigour and conviction. Everything about it is so authentic as it is stripped down to the bare bones. No overlapping guitar twiddles or harmonies that you wouldn�t hear at a live show, and the vocals sound just the way Andy speaks, which is charming and compelling.

They cite Ted Leo and Piebald as close influences, which are fairly accurate. I also hear glimpses of Pylon, The Jazz June and even early Karate in this. Perhaps even a bit of Buffalo Tom. Highly enjoyable.


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