A horrible hack



Year Released: 2009
Format: CD
Label: Holy Roar
Reviewed by David Giles on Feb 15, 2010
You can definitely tell that Throats are on Holy Roar. Pretty much all the comparisons that come to mind are with other HR bands: Maths, Tortuga, Crocus etc. So from the get-go, anyone who loves that HR sound should get this. Unfortunately, I donít really fall into that camp. Iíve always been pretty indifferent to this sort of stuff. It strikes me as coming from some middle-ground between legit bands and poser nonsense like Gallows (Holy Roar affiliates, actually!). That said, thereís no point bashing something that doesnít suck just because Iím not into it. The record stays chaotic and (semi) aggressive the whole way through, which works in its favour. I definitely think that if the recording wasnít so crisp, itíd sound angrier. I donít know though Ė the fast bits could be faster, the slow bits slower, the heavy bits heavier; I feel like this is just okay the whole way through. Maybe itís just a type of music that is lost on me. Itís a shame either way. Iíd go out to see them play for sure. I imagine they could be pretty cool live.

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