A horrible hack

the Amber Jets

Swimming Lake Superior

Year Released: 2009
Format: CD
Label: Recodds Records
Reviewed by Samuel Fowler on Apr 12, 2010
The Summer of Pop Punk is a little known, and even less understood phenomenon. Just like El Nino it is an event which occurs on a semi frequent basis. It is easy to spot when a outbreak is due to occur, a bleak economic climate is on the cards, a frozen winter has just lifted its malignant icy grip, all the birds have long since pissed off south, and everyone is right sick of endless gloomy news on the TV.

The balance usually restores with a jarring bang, a glorious summer then ensues with high incidence of tom-foolery in conjunction with plenty of sitting in parks, drinking booze, and overlong shorts. As spring sneaks in, close study of shoots and leaves can give the astute observer clues to how likely one of these rare events is. I myself have been monitoring the signs, and The Amber Jets come floating in like a trade wind, giving further credence to the likelihood of a resurgence of the Summer of Pop Punk right here in 2010.

Straight up we’re treated to a succulent pop punk hit that slakes the hunger exactly the way it should. “Swimming Lake Superior” twitches confidently into life gleefully tipping cheery sunshine into your ears. You know exactly what you’re getting here, sloppy Lifetime jams fused what sounds like an uncanny impersonation of Zoli Teglas. In fact this sounds like a diet version of Ignite, cutting out some of that bands sugary overindulgence, Ignite Lite maybe? There are some solid gems on this record. The penultimate track is my favourite, a driving melodic intro, straight into a poppy number of the highest calibre. The Amber Jets don’t really lift a finger wrong anywhere, there is enough in each song to avoid the sameness that seems to plague most bands of this style, and it’s fresh enough to want to come back to.

I’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised if I said this was the sort of thing that would be enjoyed by the folk who went to Out Of Spite every year, and still listen to Blocko. It’s a Saturday morning, with sun shining through the windows set in azure blue skies. This ’ere article, therefore, is a perfect accompaniment for breakfast.

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