A horrible hack

Little Lungs

Living Hell

Year Released: 2010
Format: 7"
Label: salinas
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on May 10, 2010
Ooh, a new Little Lungs 7" at last. Seems a goodly long time since that demo, so it's neat to hear where they're up to now. This is five songs of their precariously balanced, punky indie. The guitars roar in a post-hardcore fashion at times, with Angie's vocals keying things nicely. Little Lungs don't necessarily sound like any band in particular, maybe a little like how Discount picked up a DC influence on their final LP perhaps? It's been a long long time since I heard Crash Diagnostic though. I think my favourite track is the bouncy "Talking In Squares" which injects a little Promise Ring into things, and is probably the poppiest song on here, without being that straight forward. I especially enjoy when it explodes after periods of contemplation. Overall this seven is perhaps a touch mathier than I expected, I liked just how haphazard those early demos were but the band has clearly found their feet now and is happy to throw a few intricate moments and spin off in a different direction. There's a moment on "Things Falls Apart" that is very Hoover-esque for example. "Blankets" is pretty straight up though and has some brilliant, driving parts that are totally out of the mid 90s indiemo, wow! Just decided this is my favourite track on here.

Overall despite the progression to proficiency not necessarily being my bag, I am still enjoying the band and would be interested to see what they do next. There is plenty of variety on this single and that makes for a very neat listen.

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