A horrible hack

Auld Lang Syne

Midnight Folly

Year Released: 2009
Format: CD
Label: Viper Bite
Reviewed by Samuel Fowler on May 18, 2010
If I was extremely lazy Iíd just bolt together a few half arsed paragraphs, say it sounded like Johnny Cash playing billiards with Lucero on the back of a dingy tramp-steamer in Mississippi and leave it there. But I shanít.

It just looks so nice. The cardboard case looks as if itís been screened or something similar, the cover being a dejected looking jester with his hands clasped over his eyes, with the songs being scrawled on the back. Open it up and the inside is similarly lovingly put together, with a rather hefty insert jammed with a good selection of songs and pictures. Auld Lang Syne are drawing from hallowed tradition, and following in the footsteps of many other fine bands, none of whom I, regrettably, know anything about. I probably should do, because theyíre pretty flipping great. The opening track (long ago) sets the tone, itís a proper slow burner, from the school of songs that ember and smoulder gorgeously throughout, with the singer ambling along at his own pace. Itís Americana/country music sure enough, and Iíd usually just compare bands in this vein to a derivative take on one of the greats. But thereís something else going on here, we have one of those bands that have defined their own sound. When Iím in the correct frame of mind, I keep finding myself being drawn to putting this on again.

The fact that many of the songs are fairly sparse and minimal helps add to the effect, Auld Lang Syne just sound so jaded and burned out. It blends perfectly into the songs making them sound like the hopeless haunted mutterings of a rum sodden hobo on his last legs. I particularly love the gospelly almost sepulchral vocals that flit out and in throughout the course of this album. This is the perfect thing for the bleary mornings where the hangover hasnít lifted, and the rain streaks endlessly down the window panes.
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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