A horrible hack

Pyschopathic Romantics

Pretty Prizes

Year Released: 2010
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Laurence Olsen on Aug 20, 2010
A funny one here. There are some nice moments that hark to Man Manís more conformist tendencies, and yet, probably in spite of that, itís still often completely confused as to which direction it wants to head in.

When PR set the glockenspiel and twinkly guitar as an angelic precursor to some of the heavy, on-edge riffs, it works rather well as on track 3, ďTransparent SmilesĒ. Sadly, these moments are fleeting and itís too much a case of little and not-so-often. By the time youíre settling into a mid-tempo strummer (wink) youíre rudely awakened by some ill-suited haw-haw vocals.

And then at times thereís a really nice sombre, self-deprecating angle that could be played on for sustained periods. Instead, they interrupt these passages with ill-fitted bursts of vaguely acknowledged Mike Patton-related projects.

Not even track 8, ďMy Name is FĒ, which I quite like, is enough to salvage it. On the whole itís pretty dissatisfying without being really too upsetting. There are certainly moments that interest, perhaps even delight, but in the long run the albumís rewards feel very fleeting and ultimately pretty poor.

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