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Victor Villarreal - Loose Lips Sink Ships

Eating Happens

Year Released: 2010
Format: 7"
Label: Whaleplane
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Aug 21, 2010
This was not what I was expecting from VV, as my appreciation for Ghosts and Vodka measures about nil. Maybe being back in Cap'n Jazz is doing him some good, as "Prophesying Hypothesis" is a delightful acoustic strummer that Mike Kinsella would be jealous of. VV's voice is not my favourite, but it suits the wistful nature of the music. There's nothing too complicated here, just one guy playing guitar supremely well, but relying more on traditional technique than overblown fiddliness.

Loose Lips Sink Ships seem to be on here as a counterpoint to VVs old style. They play a lengthy instrumental featuring math rock, guitar twiddles, jazzy inflections and that weird guitar sound that all bands of this nature have. The track is either bereft of ideas or packed to the gills with them, depending on your tolerance for seemingly structureless, technical, obtuse indie / math. Personally, this is not even close to the kind of music I would choose to listen to but it appears to be a fair stab at the genre from my limited experience.

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