A horrible hack

the Destructors

Dead Beat to the White Heat

Year Released: 2010
Format: CD
Label: Rowdy Farrago
Reviewed by Tony on Aug 30, 2010
Reforming in 2005, zine reviews so far have not been very enthusiastic, but at least they’ve removed the 666 tag in the name. This wasn’t bad. First song was kind of good straight forward punk rock. The second felt a bit like pub rock. Third one was pretty good and catchy, like late 1980s punk core with some crossover. The fourth one was also damn good, but the message of 'PC gone wrong' seems a bit like taking a tabloid narrative at face value but whatever. Fifth one is a great catchy genre song but with inadvertedly hilarious lyrics. Could the Destructors be the UK’s Bad Religion? Agent Orange (USA)? There are some other bands on the tip of my tongue but I just can't remember what they're called. I can picture a lot of casual fans of punk music loving this record. I like the very distinctive English punk feel to this (vocals). By no means stand out but there is something charming about this that goes beyond simply being a comeback record. I will most likely let this play in the background for a few weeks…

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