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Drone Throne - Toad


Year Released: 2010
Format: LP
Label: Boue
Reviewed by David Giles on Feb 28, 2011
This has been on my pile for a while and for one reason or another I haven’t got round to reviewing it till now. It’s a split between two bands from Arizona. I was expecting it to be doom-y stoner stuff on both sides but its actually a side of relatively poppy but dark punk (Toad) and one of sludgy and doomy stuff (Drone Throne).

First up is the Toad side: this is pretty catchy, roughed up punk rock stuff that calls to mind Misfits or 45 Grave. At times is veers towards a pretty sludgy sound (think Eye Hate God but not HARD) but the overbearing feel is of the above mentioned bands and maybe even Shards. A less complimentary comparison, but not far enough removed to be a cheap-shot, is Wednesday 13th, the jumpy ‘rock’ sound and horror themed lyrics certainly hold something in common. That said, I’d never tell my friends if I enjoyed Wed 13th but I’d have no shame about liking this. Its definitely fun, if a little vacuous for my liking (“I want to kill everyone, satan is good, satan is our pal”…aye, very good) (that's actually a quote from a movie - Ed). Actually, I’ll go out on a limb and say that I enjoyed this and might listen to it again sometime if the mood takes me. Especially recommended to people into Misfits/45 G and garagey rock bands with dumb lyrics! Oh, and people who dig Jackie Onassis from Glasgow!

Next, Drone Throne play four tracks of sludgey, doomy metal and is definitely the ‘serious’ side of the split. Lots of chun, some fucking behemoth riffs. Think along the lines of Grief, Sleep etc. This band are genuinely good and I can’t knock them. While I’ve not listened to this sort of thing in an age now, I got right into this side. They get it so right. If criticising, I’d say that some of the parts are a little predictable but whatever that detracts from the band is made up for with the genuinely sick parts (check out the da riff on ‘Head Trip Highway’ – you’ll know the one I mean). I’d recommend this side of the split to anyone even remotely into doomy or sludgy metal.

Overall, not a bad split at all!

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