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Crimes In Blood

Year Released: 2011
Format: 5"
Label: Painkiller
Reviewed by Sam Hunt on Apr 25, 2011
After spending a while developing a strong name themselves with merely just a Blogspot account (even in the long-gone days of yore when a Myspace page was useful) and a hard appetite for live shows over in that America, hateful-as-fuck thrash-violence outfit Vaccine could well be on the brink of true renown amongst the international underground, pumping out quality release after quality release.

Their Demo 7" was very well received, and the follow-up Human Hatred 7" was just as well received, so in keeping with their quickly-gained reputation, this modest little 5", Crimes In Blood, is, lo and behold, pretty fucking well-received.

And despite it being over quicker than a virgin's wank (five tracks in just over two minutes), you'd never wish for, or indeed expect, anything more. Vaccine have a characteristically raw sound, that almost sounds like the recording is constantly crumbling, and the bass guitar plays so well off that. Every song sounds like destruction through its own destroyed sound, and this lends a very modest abstract element to the band. Which is bloody nice.

Perhaps there aren't any particularly memorable moments (although the penultimate track Patriot is pretty damn tasty), but Crimes In Blood is what it is, and never set out to be anything more than a quick burst of misanthropic carnage. And everyone wants a bit of that, don't they?

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