A horrible hack

Kicking Spit


Year Released: 2011
Format: CD
Label: Tankcrimes
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on May 16, 2011
6 tracks of juiced up independent rock music here, all long hairs in lumberjack shirts with wailed, distant vocals and a heartfelt love of the 1990s. It's not as tightly wound as Milk Music but it does offer plenty of heft and melodic punk drive to merit such a comparison. The songs whirl by at pace and the EP is a good length to let you in on what they're up to. Everything is enthusiastically scuzzed up, and moments of songs like "Way Out" betray a hardcore influence too. There's not a whole lot to add to this mind you - it's a simple form of music and it's been made ever since Husker Du, so chances are you've got a few similar records in your collection. I appreciate their ugly approach to making rock music, but it perhaps lacks a little of the spark and song writing that you get from the best that the genre has to offer. A solid listen, but I suspect there is better to come from these dudes.

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