A horrible hack

Coke Bust


Year Released: 2011
Format: 7"
Label: Grave Mistake
Reviewed by Rob Woodcock on May 24, 2011
I'd seen the Coke Bust name doing the rounds on message boards for a while now but only got to checking them out on this, the Degradation 7" and I'm glad I did. Lyrically Coke Bust sing about things I have no interest in such as doing "it all clean", drugs trafficking and even the token "who are you? Come from the outside and have no fucking relevance" no place in our scene hardcore rant on "No Authority" but it's musically where I can make a connection. You know how Haymaker have that no thrills straight for the throat approach to songwriting, well Coke Bust do just that and damn well they do it too. 6 tracks of snare rolls, shredding guitars and powerviolence hyper blasts to kick your lips off with. There's even a couple of breakdown bits for the kids to get their pit moves out too. It's all been done before but of the current cream of bands doing the rounds Coke Bust do it best!

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