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Metal Punk Massacre

Year Released: 2011
Format: 10"
Label: Tadpole
Reviewed by Adam Fleet on Jun 17, 2011
Following up their two demos and two 7”s Japan’s Parasite pour forth a fearsome barrage of beautiful G.I.S.M. worship upon the World. And make no mistake, it’s a ripper. G.I.S.M. is of course the obvious touchstone - from the outrageously Sakevi-like vocals, to the occult symbols adorning the cover, right down to the ‘Punks Is Hippies’ homage picture on the back - influences are worn well and truly on their (record) sleeve. But Parasite are more than a mere Syphilitic Vaginas-esque tribute act. It is a METAL Punk Massacre after all and through the twiddly guitars, thundering bass and guttural phlegm-y vocals they channel both Maiden and Priest, and that’s alright with me sir. If the B-Side opener, Bloody Cross, doesn’t have you pounding your fist in the air like the full blown metal warrior that you secretly, deep down, knew you always were then it’s time to seek help. 6 tracks of dark raging metal punk for the pussyfooter. Presented to you, the public, in a marvellous gatefold 10” (the punkest of all formats) courtesy of the shockingly consistent Tadpole Records.

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