A horrible hack

Giant Peach

People Don't Believe Me

Year Released: 2011
Format: Download
Label: Life on an Island
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Aug 19, 2011
It says here that these songs were originally released as a split tape with the enjoyable For Serious This Time, so I figured I'd give this one a bash. Giant Peach offer up four lengthy songs, the longest cracking 8 minutes. Gadzooks! Anyways, what we have here is some pleasant, flowing indie rock with a little shoegaze leaning. This means that I shall declare that it reminds me of early Velocity Girl despite not having listened to Velocity Girl for at least 10 years. Also: Nymb. If you remember them at all. It's mostly straight forward and melodic but has these little bursts into unexpected noisiness which gives it variety. The vocals are strong and at the forefront, which works pretty well for this sort of thing. "On the Roof" is a really lovely track, with a guy taking over on vocals. It's slower and more emo, meandering around in a particularly pleasing fashion. Then they do another belter in "Big Trouble" which is a peach (HA!) of a track, before settling into the 8 minute glide of "Slowin' Down", getting a little jazzy too, for more variation. Nice!

All 4 songs on here are bang up my street. I like fuzzy, driving indie rock, and Giant Peach deliver exactly that on this EP. Well worth a look if you liked when indie in the 90s was loud and not twee.

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