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Year Released: 2011
Format: 7"
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Aug 22, 2011
This two song 7" from Australia is one of those weird, rare records that feels like it was almost tailor made for me. Now, that may seem a bit egotistical I know, but when you haphazardly record a couple of songs in the fashion of some mid 90s ne'er-do-well so that the songs, which positively drive along, are muddy and lost, and the vocals are sinking ... sinking chest deep into that mud ... and the guitars are flying, then twinkling, over the warm bass sounds, and those previously mentioned vocals are out of tune, and ... it sounds like the Hated mixed with Evergreen's Trudy Pushpin 7", then you have to start wondering. Maybe this was tailor made for me? I mean the finish of "Stone Walled Garden" with a killer little bit of bass tangling with the chiming guitar is EXACTLY like the Hated. No band does that shit these days. Both of these songs nail it, it's a great sound, a blend of emo and punk in a fashion that has rarely been attempted since the Pine departed this world. Good works, Aussies!

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