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Lentic Waters


Year Released: 2011
Format: LP
Label: React With Protest - IFB Records - Apocaplexy
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Sep 20, 2011
Lentic Waters are five German peeps playing some dark, heavy hardcore of a type I've been hearing a fair bit of lately. On the basis of this, the band's first release, I'm gonna bracket them alongside the likes of Alpinist, Planks and a few of the Stateside acts who've also had CDs put out by Southern Lord in recent times; bands who may or may not contain former screamo kids who've since moved on but aren't entirely willing to let sleeping ghosts lie. The immediate comparison is definitely His Hero is Gone, which naturally means big, bullish vocals and dense, smothering guitar tones. These influences have been mingled with epic tendencies that go beyond mere stadium crust chutzpah and instead draw from mid-period Envy with quiet/loud dynamics, melodic build-ups and desperate, strangled hollers that occasionally fight their way out from beneath the loud, loutish roars. In the scheme of things all of this is preferable to the constant glut of bands who're content to churn out nothing but low-rent 'Plot Sickens' knock-offs, but at the same time these guys aren't yet quite up to the standards of some of their peers. Still, these are early days yet, and given time to tighten things up, get better control of their chops and raise the HEAVY by several notches Lentic Waters might present a pretty decent proposition.

A Father's Death by Lentic Waters

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