A horrible hack


Where Water Goes

Year Released: 2011
Format: 7"
Label: Apocaplexy - Not Another Record Label - I Made This
Reviewed by Dana Scully on Sep 29, 2011
This band wants to sound like a famous 'post-hardcore' band, and I suppose they're sort of succeeding in that sense. As far as justifying their existence by doing something relevant goes, Traktor could be the biggest failures I've came across in recent memory. Here's a totally staid, unoriginal rehash of a band that I honestly didn't even particularly enjoy in the first place. Even if I had, I can't imagine myself listening to a boring 2011 re-hash over the band's own material. Maybe I'm missing some of the picture about what influenced this band to be but the reality is that anyone listening to this is going to think exactly what I have -- unless they've never heard the band being ripped off or are pals with the band members, that is! What an absolute waste of my time.

Out of respect for some of the labels involved I've not included the name of the band being aped and in doing so have created the most convincing argument for listening to this band at all: see if can you guess who they want to be.

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