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Year Released: 2011
Format: CD
Label: Demons Run Amok
Reviewed by Ant Nation on Feb 16, 2012
Another review, another German Hardcore band. Well "Melodic Metal-core" if you want to be pissy about it. But what the heck, if you told the rest of my band that I'd be listening to not one German Hardcore band (Hello Final Prayer!) but two, they'd piss their 3/4 length shorts. "But you don't really like hardcore that much, you shandy drinking blurt!" they would shout at me. "But I look like I should like Hardcore. Especially German!." That's the problem with the mid twenties to early thirties that no-one tells you about. You go to sleep at 25 looking lithe like Michael Stipe and you wake up 33 looking like the lost Mitchell brother who has eaten a hundred too many burgers and who is a connoisseur of all things "Oi!" Anyway, Germany's Deliver have released "Deliverance". A five track EP which is perfect for the self admitted armchair Hardcore appreciator, such as myself. Every song is wound tight and in your face but catchy as all kinds of heck. Vocals, as seem to be part of the course, are gruff and up front. The guitars jump from full on chuggy chuggy to tight sharp melodies with ease. Production and the mix is top notch without diminishing any of the intensity of the band. The EP never outstays it's welcome and says a lot in it's short run time. It's heavy, blunt in parts, sharp in others. But it fits well and Deliver work it to perfection. This, like Final Prayer's 7inch, have opened my eyes and my mind a tad to the fact that hardcore ain't all that bad. And I might even get to tap my foot to it.

I am fighting every fibre of my being that wants to say "Boy, Deliver really do deliver!" but I will resist and just say that this EP rocks. Which is probably worse actually. Ah well.

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