A horrible hack

the Phantom Carriage

New Thing

Year Released: 2011
Format: CD
Label: Throatruiner
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Mar 13, 2012
Initially I thought "oooh some mathy Black Metal", but then it went quite hardcore, moments of Orchid style skramz, with a quite a few bits of Dillinger Escape Plan (good DEP mind you, not the fucking Mike Patton wannabe era (Mike Patton has a lot to fucking answer for you if you ask me, putting out endless amounts of nonsense, that he knows all of his idiot fans would buy - I'm surprised he just hasn't put out a record of him just belching (oh wait he has, I forgot about Fantomas))), including some daft jazz bits, but mixed with aforementioned Black Metal bits, and then some sort of wizard doom talky bits. Basically a mix of a ton of shit, which could be a load of old fucking rubbish, and I would have had to send this to Strawbridge to put in his bin. However its mainly good, its put together well, not shit. Although the jazzy bits in 'black rain falls in drops' are a bit rubbish. And 'traditional song' is maybe a bit pointless, but those a minimal complaints really. A good release, solid thrashy hardcore mixing some great brutal bits of metal and hardcore, it doesn't blow my mind, but I will definitely listen to it more than once. Lovely stuff.

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