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Year Released: 2010
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by MH on Mar 23, 2012
Someone recommended this Manchester band to me last year and I downloaded this EP at the time but hadn’t got round to giving it a proper listen. This was actually recorded at the end of 2010. I did a bit of research into this band before listening to the EP again and it turns out they split up last year after some of the band members moved to other places. I also saw them compared to Fabric – a comparison which will always get my attention and is the main reason why this review went straight to the top of the pile. I don’t hear Fabric in this though. From that era, I would compare this more to Dead Wrong – musically at least. This is politically charged post-punk. It also reminds me of In Circles who released the excellent “Reciprocity” album last year. The vocals are a bit more shouty though and they are a bit more angry. In fact, there are some vitriolic lyrics throughout, particularly on “Only The Hills Have Eyes For You” - a song apparently about the “commodification of leisure and specifically weekend drinking culture from a macho/misogynist perspective” (I admit I emailed the singer to get that clarified). I really like the angular guitar and bass on this track. “Back On The Smack” in particular has really driving guitars and riffing (there are even hints of Rage Against The Machine on the intro on this one) – really good stuff. There is some pretty prominent and driving work from the bass guitar throughout this EP and it really elevates it, as do the angry vocals which really separate this from a lot of bands playing this type of music. I’m very impressed and it finishes on a high with the more melodic “Blackmail”. What a shame that they have already split up. Two of the band members have started a new project called Invisible Labour so I will keep an eye out for that.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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