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It's Just Vanity - the Ground is Lava


Year Released: 2011
Format: Tape
Label: Keep It Together
Reviewed by John on Mar 26, 2012
What we have here is a split tape between two bands from the US, Itís Just Vanity and The Ground is Lava. Both bands play tight, up-beat, noodley emo, the kind youíve probably heard plenty of times before but still find it a pleasure to listen to. Released by Keep it Together Records, a fantastic label which has recently put a lot of great stuff, the two bands fit together well. They each play a similar style of music drawing influence from the usual culprits - twinkly Midwest emos and trucker hat No Idea bands, whilst but also adding their own ingredients to the mix. Iím particularly fond of this tape because it seems as though it was thought through well. Both sides have similar production values and most importantly, neither band is better than the other. It makes for an all round coherent split tape. Itís Just Vanity occupy the A-side of this release and deliver two solid emo pop-punk bangers. One stand out feature is the bridge in Second Elevation which has the closets thing to Gregorian chanting youíll probably ever find in an emo record. The ground is Lava offer up a similar pair of technically accomplished songs, using time signatures other than 4/4 and some pretty impressive walking basslines found at end of their second song, curiously titled DJ Baby Bok choy. Good tape, good bands.

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