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Grey Area - The Reveling - the Copyrights - Luther


Year Released: 2012
Format: LP
Label: Black Numbers
Reviewed by MH on Mar 26, 2012
This is a 4-way split and was described as a "pop/punk behemoth" by the PR guy who sent this in. There are two tracks each from 4 US bands here.

It starts off with veterans Grey Area who have at least one member who used to be in Warzone. It’s pretty fast, melodic hardcore and it's really solid stuff. The vocals remind me of H2O. “Bad Anything” is very catchy and perhaps the best track on here. Up next are The Reveling who have the son of the E Street band drummer on drums. They are doing a bit of a Green Day thing. The first song is gone in just over 60 seconds. They stick around for a bit longer on “It’s Time To Ride” and it’s catchy and decent enough without being earth-shatteringly fantastic. Then come The Copyrights who have released a number of solid albums so far and for me are one of the best pop punk bands of the last few years. More of the same from them here and they've covered Scared of Chaka on the second song. They’re gone in less than 3 minutes but it’s excellent again and there really aren't many pop punk bands as consistent as this lot. Luther close the EP. I reviewed their debut EP before and it was less pop punk, more indie rock. They slow things down a touch and probably have the most varied style of the bands on here. The first track here is a bit more bouncy and poppy than the EP. Luther are a little rougher round the edges than Grey Area and The Reveling and this is up to the standard of their EP.  

The cover of this split is of 4 Luchador wrestlers. If this was a 4 way fight the more experienced campaigners Grey Area and The Copyrights would have body-slammed the newcomers into submission after some impressive early resistance. I reckon it’d be a points decision between The Copyrights and Grey Area as to who won. That's if they even have submissions and points decisions in Luchador wrestling - I'm no expert.  Really solid split.

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