A horrible hack

the Magnificent

Bad Lucky

Year Released: 2012
Format: CD
Label: Dirt Cult - Drunken Sailor - Eager Beaver - just say no to government music
Reviewed by MH on Apr 26, 2012
This is the second album from Huddersfield and Leeds punk rockers, The Magnificent. Having not heard their first album yet, I was keen to find out whether they could emulate the high standards they have set on the 7inches I have heard across a whole album. The answer is a resounding "yes - they can!" as this is quite a fine collection of their brand of old school, mid-tempo punk rock. Lyrically the album concentrates on politics, issues and things from modern day life which have affected the band. You know - like squash, coal mining and cutting down trees. Things get off to a good start with previous single '1981' - mid-tempo punk rock about the events of that year. They get quite anthemic at times - see the slower '1990' and the boisterous 'Working Men's Club (Part 3)' for good examples of fists-in-the-air, anthemic punk rock. If you like that kind of music then you can't go far wrong with this album. The next song 'Hold My Drink Up High' is similarly rowdy. There is a fair amount of trading vocals on the album and both singers get their fair share of lead time which helps to keep it varied. I have to say that 'BBQ & Grasshoppers' is an absolute corker too. It starts off with some nice work on the bass and then the guitars, drums and vocals kick in with some nice breakdowns later on - great song! They have an obvious knack for writing catchy punk rock and, clocking in at less than 25 minutes long for 10 songs, this doesn't outstay its welcome. A word about the production on this album as it's ideally suited to this type of music. I'm off to check out that first album now...

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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