A horrible hack

Steve Roden and Machinefabriek


Year Released: 2012
Format: CD
Label: Eat, Sleep, Repeat
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on May 5, 2012
This is so minimalist it's hardly there. I know it is there because I'm holding the jewel case in my hand but outside of that I'm not sure what else is going on.

I think I might be walking through a nice meadow at the moment. There's a weird whistling somewhere in the distance and a sort of wobbling noise inside my skull but I don't know if the meadow is creating it or I am.

The liner notes state that this album was originally a soundtrack; if the film it soundtracked was “Jacques Cousteau's Journey inside the skull of Philip K. Dick” then it hit the target with 100% bullseye accuracy. If however, the music was the soundtrack to the film “Twinky the Fairy and her Starbright Funfriends have a lovely day in Magicland” then heads are going to be rolling at Warner Brothers.

Hang on, hang on. I can hear a bird cheeping...




Maybe I've walked through the meadow and I'm now in a lovely woodland glade. Drops of sunshine are bouncing off the petals of freshly blooming flowers and everything is beautiful in the world today. Here comes Scarlett Johansson in a wedding dress. Yes of course I'll marry you Scarlett, it would be my pleasure.

Hold on though, what's happening to her face? All the skin is fading away and now she's a horrible old woman like in Room 237. Oh my goodness, I don't wan't to marry her. But now the vicar's here and he says we have to get married because he's come all the way from Droitwich especially. Shit.

But now there's a problem, a member of the congregation is continually making rustling noises and the vicar wont continue. Phew, what a relief. But then when I look at the vicar it's actually me and I'm looking back at myself without a trace of recognition. This can't be good and now when I look at my wife she's got my face too and so have all the members of the congregation but nobody seems to realise that they're all the same person.

Hang on. Is that the sound of a light aircraft coming to rescue me? I think it is. If I can just get out of this church I can flag it down and it will fly me away to the safety of a friendly land.

Help. Help. Help. I'm down here. Why can't you see me?

Then in the light aircraft we see that the pilot is Scarlett Johansson and she presses the button which says “BOMB RELEASE.”

There's a big fire everywhere and everyone is running away but there's nowhere to run away to and the fire is getting closer, closer closer.

Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

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