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The Scarecrow Frequency

Incineration Blue

Year Released: 2012
Format: Download
Label: The Static Cult
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on May 5, 2012
By now I am very much in sync with the music of The Scarecrow Frequency. I still don't know what John is mumbling about most of the time but I can still immerse myself into his world (to some extent). The EP opens in typical experimental fashion: a backwards drum beat and a melodic droning sound, then a seemingly-random audio sample; John likes putting these in and I do sometimes think he could use better samples, but I suppose it makes sense to him why they are there.

At the three minute mark we shift to what the Scarecrow Frequency are all about, and it's very much a continuation of the band's music from the last couple of years. I guess by now John is happy with this sound; I am too. I sit at work listening to this band sometimes and it's kind of like the end of the world is taking place in the same instant that I send an email to an author to ask them if they definitely want to pay 475 to have one of their images printed in colour in their upcoming research article.

The Static Cult's blurb (and track four of the record) for the album gives away the sad background story to this EP, which I won't discuss further here. I need to stop writing over the top reviews about this band but, once again, they've made a phenomenal record.

5th May 2012
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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