A horrible hack

Take Warning!


Year Released: 2012
Format: 7"
Label: Meantime - crapoulet - PurePainSugar
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 1, 2012
Pure Pain Sugar is about as solid a punk rock record label as you will come across, consistently releasing ass-kicking records by excellent bands, many of which are totally new to me. Take Warning! is the latest band in a long line of good uns, and they deliver 5 quickfire punk rockers delivered with a totally adequate quota of aggression and melody. The label makes life easy for me by name dropping Naked Raygun and Pegboy in reference here, and that's exactly the kind of punk rock we have on offer - brains and brawn, delivered with passion and verve at pace. It's a style of music that has been watered down over the years by generations of bands that took variations introduced by the likes of Dillinger Four a touch too seriously, Take Warning! certainly have a template that they are following, but they refuse to stick rigidly too it. So what you're left with is a punchy seven inch that manages to completely deliver exactly what you want from this format. Special note has to go to final track 'Don't Count Me In' which sounds a lot like the Descendents, it's the poppiest thing going on this record, but also my favourite. Nice!

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