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Alquimia Para Principiantes

Year Released: 2012
Format: CD
Label: BCore
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Jun 3, 2012
This one's a bit of a change from the last BCore release I heard, which must’ve been something like the Cobalt MCD or Kepone's 'Sweet Irene' 7". Rather than anything remotely post-hardcore Cuzo play instrumental hard rock with a heavy 70s bent, mixing crunching grooves with wheedling Crybaby solos and washes of vintage Dr Who FX that's all tipping a crafty wink to the likes of Mountain, Sir Lord Baltimore and Impala Syndrome. Aside from the pure rawk you also get moments of languid jazz (Erotissimo) and eye-glazing motorik grooves (Juegos Reunidos), and while it's never as wild or coruscating as, say, The Heads or White Hills, it's nevertheless an enjoyable endeavour and one that's easy enough to lose an afternoon in if you keep it locked on repeat.

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