A horrible hack

Flies Are Spies From Hell

Nerves Still Beating

Year Released: 2012
Format: CD
Label: Field
Reviewed by MH on Jun 12, 2012
This is a 5-track EP  from UK post rockers Flies Are Spies From Hell. The opening title track starts off with some quiet and atmospheric Explosions In The Sky-esque twinkly guitars. It builds up slowly and is led by a piano with some louder crescendos. Next up is “Axe To The Root” which is similar in style with the piano at the forefront of much of the track. It also has the broadest spectrum of quiet to loud on the EP and is the standout track on the EP for me. Towards the end it gets a bit heavier and goes into And So I Watch You From Afar territory with some crunchier guitars and a drum solo. It has a darker feel to it than the opening track. There are then three remixes of tracks they have previously released. “Wallow In Threat – Court Of Hidden Faces Remix” fades in and out with some synth and conjures up a bleak atmosphere. The next remix is a dancy track bordering on techno territory and is kind of the odd one out here as it’s quite far removed from post rock. The remix of King Sly also moves into dancier territory towards the end. The remixes certainly add some variation to the music and are more experimental than the two new tracks on here. However, I’m more interested in those first two tracks which are more post rock in the traditional sense. It’s a nice enough and a varied listen all round.

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