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No Nebraska


Year Released: 2012
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Gareth L on Jul 15, 2012
No Nebraska! continue to carve their own peculiar niche deeper into my head, refining their unusual but rich sound on this, their 'first studio experience', whatever that may mean. The detached, darkly humorous lyrics compliment music perfectly; non-linear, modernist and a little bizarre. The bass clarinet adds something of a playful edge to their sound but pretty much everything here seems considered and prudently arranged; there is very little 'flab' to this CD. These guys wouldn't be out of place on the current Dischord roster and at times remind me of a more polished version of The Ex. Although the military-centric artwork seems incongrous with what is within, receiving a nice looking finished product for review is most welcome; as is the listening experience. Album highlights include the mathy 'Horsies, Horsies' and album closer 'Taxis of Beirut'. The latter features the repeated refrain of 'you got what you wanted'. After receiving this album for review, I can confirm I did indeed.

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