A horrible hack

Ruined Families


Year Released: 2012
Format: 7"
Label: Adagio830 - Halo Of Flies - Dog Knights - Gardens
Reviewed by Gareth L on Aug 25, 2012
Great name, great packaging, solid music. A seven inch is probably the perfect format for a band like this, long enough to fit in a bunch of ugly, downtuned hardcore punk but short enough that the intensity and vitriol is not compromised.

The thing I most like about this thing are the tempo changes, best exemplified by 'You Will Become Like Your Father' which starts off in a near-grindcore state and ends up collapsing into its own sludge less than three minutes later. There is no happy here. Excellent, desperate vocals prevail throughout and although the final track 'Quiet' feels a bit like a band winding down for the night it provides the listener with a bit of well-earned respite. Very decent piece of vinyl for those who like their punk blackened, heavy and somewhat unpredictable.

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