A horrible hack


Atavist Of Mann

Year Released: 2012
Format: CD
Label: Mordgrimm - Odio Sonoro - Boue - Throatruiner - PsycheDOOMelic
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Sep 3, 2012
Have a gander at the album art for this one and you'll have a fair idea where things are going: candlelight, robed figures, ceremonial daggers and bare boobies. Yup, that'd be some sort of okkvlt (or whatever) doom, then, and while it owes a lot to Electric Wizard (think 'Witchcult Today' or 'Black Masses' rather than the frazzled fuckery of 'Supercoven' or the paranoid, drug-shitted misanthropy of 'Dopethrone') it stands on its own despite the clear debt owed to Dorset's finest. Amid the clumping, queasy riffs and echo chamber howls you also get bongloads of eerie monastic chanting, creepy organ tones and befuddled psychedelia, all of which is as capable of clouding your senses as any amount of cloying incense or guttering, rune-emblazoned candles.

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