A horrible hack

SR Hess - Mise en Scene

Non DIstinction

Year Released: 2012
Format: Tape
Label: Los Discos Enfantasmes
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on Oct 29, 2012
Another cassette, this time from Tel Aviv, bringing with it the sound of wintry horrorlands which neither you nor I ever want to visit.

Perhaps this is the sound inside the mind of Piers Morgan when he is telling some eight-year old dancer in a shiny dress that she doesn’t have what it takes to be a star.


This cassette makes the sound that the door on the largest orphanage in the world makes on the inside when it is being slowly slammed shut by a Hollywood film star who’s come to rescue a photogenic unfortunate. The child they took can look forward to a life spent in unimaginable wealth and luxury whilst you and your fellow unselected orphans have yet another night of quietly weeping until your shattered body finally passes out through physical exhaustion. It’s not “going to sleep” as we know it, it’s a battery running out on a breaking dehumidifier.

That said; if Sean Combs was to do some brilliant rapping over the top, it might make the top ten.

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